At Royal Hemp, we take pride in having the best tasting hemp seedshemp protein powderhemp seed oils and hemp protein supplements available on the market today! Our blend of protein powders are available in either a standard or naturally sweetened range. Both are vegan friendly, allergen and GMO free! We use only the highest quality Australian grown hemp, specially formulated with our flavours to give you all the nutritional value hemp naturally provides, along with a smooth, natural taste you will enjoy! For an added bonus, vegan hemp protein supplements may aid in: muscle growth and repair, recovery, pain relief and general well-being.



Natural Hemp Protein Specialty Products


Our hemp supplements specialty range is made using Australian grown hemp,  consisting of some truly unique blends and has been developed specifically with the health conscious in mind. All our specialty blends are vegan-friendly and contain 100% natural, majority organic ingredients. From gut-health to all-natural pre-workouts, we have you covered! Our hemp supplement specialty range provides specific health benefits that will aid in overall health and optimal athletic and human performance. All of our specialty blends are sweetened with natural, Australian grown, organic stevia powder.


Why Royal Hemp protein powder?


Hemp seed protein powder is a complete, plant-based protein powder with a nutty, natural taste. It’s extracted from the hemp seed & shell, which is a by-product of the hemp oil manufacturing process. Hemp protein powder consists of 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids that your body is unable to produce by itself. Hemp protein powder also offers the essential fatty acids omеgа-3 and omеgа-6 in a healthy 1:3 ratio. They are “essential” as your body is unable to produce them itself and therefore needs an outside source to rely upon. Hemp protein powder is the perfect source that you need! Hemp protein powder is also among the few sources of the hard-to-get Gamma Lіnоlenic Acid (GLA) – a healthy, plant-derived оmеgа-6 that is metabolized differently when compared to other less healthy omega-6s. The huge nutritional content of hemp protein powder makes it an excellent ally in the fight against cravings for unhealthy sweets. It also offers higher quantities of magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, and calcium, plus many more key vitamins and minerals. Royal Hemp protein powders can be enjoyed by everyone! From professional athletes to regular people who would like to have a healthy hemp protein shake.


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Very high quality protein powder. Natural ingredients that mix great in liquid and taste fantastic! I would definitely recommend trying it out

Kurt Adams

By far the cleanest product I've had in a while!

Niall Mitchell

Great product. I ran out and coincidentally started craving sweet food. I then realised the whole time I was taking it daily, I had no interest in