Hemp Gut Matrix



Hemp Gut Matrix – Pineapple Lime is a powerful, plant-based prebiotic gut health formula designed to cleanse, repair and maintain a healthy gut. Containing a special blend of natural prebiotics which feeds the good bacteria in your gut and reduces the risk of disease, Hemp gut matrix promotes overall gut health, wellbeing and boasts lime, ginger and Australian grown pineapple powder which contains vitamin C & bromelain, a powerful anti-inflammatory that promotes a healthy digestive system. Keep your gut healthy with our all in one formula for optimal digestive health.

  • Key Benefits of our Gut Matrix:

  • Detox and Alkalize
  • Natural prebioticHemp Gut Matrix
  • Feeds good gut bacteria
  • Heals and repairs a sore gut
  • Great for IBS and Reflux
  • Decreases gut inflammation
  • Lowers blood glucose levels
  • Restore and rejuvenate
  • Regulates Hormone Levels
  • Reduces stress and anxiety 
  • Contains powerful antioxidants
  • Cleanse and purify your body
  • Source of phytonutrients and vitamins
  • The full amino acid profile
  • Omegas 3&6
  • Contains Vitamin B12
  • Aids in brain function
  • Vegan friendly

What are prebiotics?

To put it simply, prebiotics promote the growth and activity of good bacteria in the gut, they are able to pass through the stomach and small intestines undigested, they arrive relatively unchanged in the large bowel, they act as fertilizers to help stimulate the growth of good bacteria. Basically, probiotics introduce new bacteria into the system whereas prebiotics feeds the bacteria already in the gut. Increasing intake of prebiotics can increase bowel frequency, and provide digestive balance by providing fuel for the beneficial bacteria in the body

Your gut is your 2nd brain!

Have you ever had a gut feeling? Did you know your gut is your 2nd brain? This mind-gut connection is not just metaphorical. Our brain and gut are connected by an extensive network of neurons and a highway of chemicals and hormones that constantly provide feedback about how hungry we are, whether or not we’re experiencing stress, or if we’ve ingested a disease-causing microbe. You’re stressed and your gut knows it—immediately.  Your gut health affects your metabolism, body weight, and immune regulation, as well as your brain functions, mood and many other functions, that’s why it is important to look after it!

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