Game Changer!

Author: Phil Nicolaou (Royal Hemp sponsored athlete)  Date Posted:18 June 2018 

Having previously been a user of Whey proteins, it’s good to finally have a more potent, non-dairy alternative. I have been turned off whey protein for the past few years due to the negative effects I feel after I use it, bloated, full and tired! After trying a few plant-based proteins, the taste turned me off and I believe most them are overpriced and not appealing in presentation and taste. After being recommended to try Hemp protein powder, as it is now fully legal in Australia, I found Royal hemp, and it is a game changer! The taste is great, no sluggish after effects, no bloating and the recovery effects are 2nd to none! I absolutely recommend Royal Hemp protein to everyone. I also found out, after doing some research that Hemp protein has a natural occurring full amino profile, Key vitamins, and minerals as well as essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6. What more do you want from a protein powder? This truly is a revolutionary protein/health supplement and the packaging looks great! My favourite flavour has to be banana but is not an easy choice!

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