Hemp Personal Care

Author: Royal Hemp  Date Posted:18 June 2018 

Hemp Personal Care. Discover Hemp’s untapped potential. There are a lot of people out there that have no experience using hemp products; be it hemp clothing, skin care or health supplements. Friends of mine who have no experience with hemp tend to immediately think of drug-related products, such as it’s relation to marijuana. For these people, hemp conjures up images of prison cells or nights spent high with their college mates.

Fortunately, not only is hemp completely legal, it contains zero THC. THC is the element within cannabis that gives you that lawbreaking high, so no need to worry about the cops busting down your door when you smother that nutrient-rich temp oil all over your skin, and there’s even less risk of getting high when your skin catches a sunburn.

I for one am very grateful that hemp is legal and commercially available mostly because of how beneficial the oil is to my body. The oil in hemp once extracted and refined gives numerous benefits to your hair and skin. These benefits affect the skin both on the surface and beneath. Surface benefits include deep moisturization as well as anti-aging effects and increased skin elasticity and rejuvenation. The deeper effects of hemp include soothing joint pain and help relieve the pain of arthritis sufferers, plus much more. I’ve had problems with pain in the joints of my fingers for many years, so a part of my morning routine is moisturizing my hands with my handy jar of hemp oil hand moisturizer before I go to work which keeps my hands feeling great.

Another great benefit of allowing your skin to absorb hemp oil is its positive effects on blood pressure and cholesterol buildup, two symptoms that cause heart disease. Perhaps the best benefit, however, is the correlation found between hemp oil and increased brain cognition. On those days when your brain just won’t turn on and give you a helping hand, adding some hemp to your morning routine might just be the ticket to a brain that ticks just a bit more quickly. It’s also closely connected to lowering stress and anxiety, these among other things are factors that put pressure on your heart. For those of you out there that need it (like me), hemp is a known hormone balancer, everything from helping improve your mood to getting ahead of menstrual cramps are all attainable with adding hemp to your day.

So how is all this possible? From everything you’ve just read it sounds like hemp is a magical pixie plant that only exists in your imagination. Well, it’s very real, and here’s the science behind the magic. Hemp is very high in healthy fats, such an Omega 3 and 6. These fats are important for your body’s health, especially your heart’s health. The disturbing truth is that your body can’t produce these on its own, so your heart relies on you to provide these with your diet and skin care. Skincare is an efficient way of adding these healthy fats to your body, since eating as much Omega 3 and 6 as you should be difficult. It also contains linoleic acid, in fact, hemp is more than 50% linoleic acid.

Linoleic acid is another healthy fat, in addition, it’s a powerful antioxidant also found in nuts and seeds. It’s chock full of free radicals which are proven to be a strong fighter against heart disease. Lastly, hemp is stuffed with Vitamin E which is a powerful anti-ager. To sum it all up if you want to feel and look much better, hemp skin and hair care products are a powerful way to fill your body with essential nutrients that will make you healthier, look better and keep you alive longer! What could be better?

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