Hemp protein powder benefits in relation to fitness

Author: Royal Hemp  Date Posted:18 June 2018 

Hemp protein powder benefits in relation to fitness

Hemp protein powder benefits. Unlike the average gym goer or athlete, bodybuilders and fitness-obsessed persons have such great need for dietary protein. The reason for this is because their training is quite an intense one which zaps loads of energy from them. Consequent upon this, consuming large quantities of food becomes a major necessity. However, not all of them are given to eating large quantities of food, which is where PROTEIN POWDER comes in.

There are not so many convenient ways of getting in more protein without subjecting yourself to heavy consumption of food. One of those rare convenient ways is PROTEIN POWDER consumption. Without a doubt, many bodybuilders and fitness-obsessed persons have traditionally used animal proteins like whey. But it would interest you to know that PLANT-BASED PROTEIN like HEMP PROTEIN POWDER affords vegetarian and vegan bodybuilders an alternative.

Let’s look at the basics

Hemp protein is a wide-ranging protein that also serves as a basis of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, minerals, and vitamins. HEMP is developed from a plant known as the Cannabis sativa plant. It is a VEGAN PROTEIN that is likewise designed to minimize the risk of allergic reaction and is appropriate for people with soy allergies, gluten, egg, dairy, or sensitivities. In addition to being an overly suitable choice for consumption after a workout, hemp is a source of the branched-chain amino acids and is responsible for the development and healing of lean muscle mass.

Requirements for fitness

For bodybuilders and fitness-obsessed persons, a usual intake of between 1.5 and 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is just enough to serve. It is recommended that protein should make up as much as 12 to 15 per cent of the daily calories consumed by most adults. But for bodybuilders, as much as 13 to 18 per cent of protein is recommended to constitute their daily calorie intake.

These needs can, however, be met by a mere eating of lean meats, cheese, fish, and egg. But many bodybuilders would rather drink a protein shake than have their teeth chew anything, no matter how tasteful they might be. Unlike heavy foods, shakes are more readily absorbable and digest more easily. People with sensitive stomachs encounter digestion difficulty with heavier foods, but never with shakes.

Amino acids in Hemp protein powder

Hemp is nothing short of a complete protein, as it contains absolutely all amino acids and the building blocks of protein. Be that as it may, it falls short in lysine, as it has a lower proportion of it. The same is the case with tryptophan and most notably leucine, which is the amino acid predominantly involved in muscle protein synthesis that is required to ensure the growth of the muscles.

On the flip side, proteins from animals contain more of leucine than plant-based proteins. One of the animal-based protein is “whey”, which is a top-rated option among bodybuilders, according to reports by “Australian Iron Man Magazine.”

However, hemp protein powder still remains a possible alternative

As mentioned above, not all bodybuilders are given to heavy food. As a result, a number of bodybuilders who are vegetarians or vegans will always prefer VEGETARIAN PROTEIN POWDER or VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER, as they would rather be served nothing less because opting for animal-based protein could lead to stomach unsettlement, digestion problems, and ultimately halt fitness activities.

The low level of leucine in hemp does not write it off as a recommendable choice for all bodybuilders. But then, consumption of other vegan proteins like soy may result in digestive distress in some athletes, being that soy is a common allergen. Other common allergens include non-vegan whey and egg-based protein powders which are capable of causing digestive upsets like bloating in some people.

In conclusion

NONDAIRY PROTEIN POWDER and other proteins like brown rice protein plus other vegan selections are not a really complete protein since they do not possess all the essential amino acids. Sticking with FITNESS SUPPLEMENTS and PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS is just the way to go for athletes, bodybuilders, and gym goers. You must, however, note that no diet is complete without exercise and proper nutrition. So, it is essential to keep all in the balance for good results.

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