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Author: Lianna Speers  Date Posted:24 July 2018 

Review Magnesium Oil | Lianna Speers

Review Magnesium Oil. If you’re an intense trainer and looking for a product to soothe your aching muscles, Royal Hemp‘s Magnesium Oil with Borax could be the one thing you’ve been looking for. I know when I have an intense leg or back session my muscles are aching for days! It’s usually when I focus on low rep high-intensity days. I notice it after a do deadlifts and my back is ridiculously sore for almost a week, which is why I am thankful for Royal Hemp’s Magnesium Oil with Borax.

What is Magnesium Oil?

Magnesium oil is useful for those who lift heavy or exercise often. It helps repair your muscles and alleviates muscle pain. Magnesium in oil form is the most concentrated form of Magnesium to use. Most of us take the capsule to receive it but as time moves on people are opting for the oil instead. Why? Because the main ingredient in the oil is magnesium chloride and when it’s massaged into the skin it is absorbed into the bloodstream at a quicker rate.

The benefits of opting for the oil include:

  • Helps with pain
  • Reduces the chance of muscle cramps
  • Helps release stressed muscles and knots

When to use Magnesium Oil?

  • After every workout
  • After your shower

If you’re after an extra hit of magnesium you can take it orally but remember it has different side effects.

Dangers of Magnesium Oil

With anything, you use there is always a list of risks and side effects to be aware of. For example, using Magnesium Oil should be avoided if:

  • You have a low blood pressure – using magnesium oil makes it even lower.
  • You have sensitive skin – if it tingles and stings it’s the salt that’s causing this.
  • You take medication for anxiety – magnesium relaxes the body and so does anxiety medication

Personal Experience Using Magnesium Oil

Since using Royal Hemp’s Magnesium Oil I have found my muscles feel more relaxed in the morning. I trialled lifting heavy one day and not using the oil for a week. I deadlifted 70kg and was sore for 6 days, this was when I didn’t use the spray. The second time around I trained a heavy session for legs and I used the spray the after my session but not in the morning. I was sore the next day. Next up I deadlifted again and got an 82.5Kg personal best and used the oil every day and night after that session. I experienced a dramatic improvement in how well my body bounced back after that heavy back session.

It shows that regular and consistent use of magnesium oil reduces aching muscles. If you lift heavy or constantly put your muscles under pressure try the oil and rub it into your skin instead of taking it orally.

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or an educated supplement advisor. This product review is strictly based on my opinion and experiences.


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