Royal Hemp for Muscle Repair and Recovery

Author: Royal Hemp  Date Posted:18 June 2018 

Royal Hemp for Muscle Repair and Recovery

Recovery benefits Hemp protein powder. Hemp is grown industrially all around the world and has been cultivated for years now. The Cannabis plant is responsible for the production of the remarkable hemp seeds. The hemp seeds are the ultimate source of hemp protein powder.

According to various scientific researchers, hemp seeds have been proven as one of the most amazing sources of amino acids, plant protein and important fatty acids. All of these are extremely important for human mental and physical well-being. The hemp protein powder contains 60% edestin which is an extremely rare globulin legumin protein which is found in the blood plasma. Moreover, it consists of high-quality fatty acids which boost the physical well-being of an individual.


Power shakes are one of the most common preparations for hemp protein powder and it contributes to recovery from hard training in a very remarkable manner. The total nutrients definitely depend on the content of the other ingredients that you add to your power shake but Hemp powder offers remarkable recovery and a bunch of perks. Here are some of the recovery benefits of hemp protein powder:

1. High Quality Protein:
As hemp protein powder has high-quality protein in it, it brings in a handful of benefits for your digestive system. Hemp protein is very easy to digest in comparison to other protein powders that take time. The faster the protein gets digested, the better, as it proves to be effective for recovery. Moreover, if you are a vegan, hemp seeds become a wonderful source of protein for you too.

2. High in Magnesium:
Magnesium is one of the most important macro minerals. It takes part in almost 300 functions within our human body, like great metabolism, muscle relaxation and bone formation etc. Hemp seeds or hemp protein powder has a great quantity of magnesium in it which makes it easier to recover your muscles and bones after a hard training session at the gym.

3. Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids:
Unlike a lot of other protein powder supplements, hemp powder is an excellent source of essential fatty acids as it is extracted directly from the hemp seeds. These acids are considered essential as they are extremely important for the maintenance of overall health (mental and physical both). The Omega 3 Fatty acids are consumed through diet or other sources as the body does not produce these on its own at all. Fatty acids play a huge role in muscle recovering and bringing relief from muscle pain after a hard training session. Thus, hemp protein powder boosts the muscle recovery.

4. Enriched with BCAA’s:
BCAA’s are extremely important for protein synthesis and protein breakdown. Hemp protein powder is great in digesting fast because of the BCAA’s. This is the core reason why it aids in enhancing the intensity of a workout and allows you to exercise for a longer period of time. It also aids in muscle gain and helps in maintaining them too.


People who attempt hard training and indulge themselves in muscle building should take advantage of hemp protein powder. Royal Hemp is a great hemp seed protein powder which aids in muscle recovery. The discovery of this amazing supplement is a blessing in itself as it embraces all the fundamentals of a healthy diet.

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