Royal Hemp: Just what the doctor ordered!

Author: Michael Mikan  Date Posted:18 June 2018 

I Have been using Royal Hemps products for a few months now, and I have never felt better. My personal favourite Hemp protein powder is the Banana flavour! I love the taste, and I’ve noticed several results, which I did not notice using Whey protein powders. The 3 main pros I’ve noticed are; increased energy levels, faster recovery times and my personal favourite, no bloating or stomach pains, at all! You can literally go for a long run after having a Hemp shake and not even feel it. The flavours taste great, and there is something special about the texture. Apart from the Hemp protein, my personal favourites from the Royal Health shop is the Ouch cream which I use for sore muscles or knocks and bruises, the Magnesium body moisturizer which makes you glow after a shower, and the pink Himalayan Epson salts, mixed with the magnesium flakes in a nice hot bath after a hard day training! You will feel like gold the next morning! I might be biased but it’s the truth! See for yourself.

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