Royal Hemp Review by Ketofiit

Author: Bobby aka. Ketofiit  Date Posted:1 October 2018 

Royal Hemp Review by Ketofiit

HEMP…. what is it? It sounds awesome.

When Royal Hemp asked me for some feedback on their product I had no hesitation. I enjoy and benefit from the whole Royal Hemp product line, from protein powders to Hemp oil, they all have a place in my way of eating.

My way of eating consists of plant-based, intermittent fasting, high fat low carb and healthy ketosis. I know!!! Sounds too hard or boring well that’s far from the truth. I have never felt better. My health, body composition, gut health, digestion and energy has never been better. So where / how do Royal Hemps products fit in???

It all starts with meal 1 of the day which consists of a scoop of  Vanilla,  Stevia sweetened Hemp protein powder mixed with water until it reaches a sludge-like consistency with some nuts and frozen berries. The recipes are endless.

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