The Benefits of switching to a plant-based diet

Author: Royal Hemp  Date Posted:13 August 2018 

The Benefits of switching to a plant-based diet and Protein Powder


The Benefits of switching to a plant-based diet and Protein Powder. Switching to a plant-based diet comes with a ton of benefits. The truth is that the type of diet you follow doesn’t matter because the addition of legumes, seeds and nuts to your dietary plan gives you a nutritional benefit. A diet that focuses on plant-based proteins can be beneficial in the prevention of diabetes, and cardiovascular disease according to Frank Hu, a Harvard University professor, during a recent session at the Atlanta Academy of Nutrition’s annual conference. What benefits can you enjoy from plant-based protein powder?

Metabolism Booster

Another reason why plant-based protein powder should be seen as the right way to go when it comes to dietary habits is the way it facilitates metabolism. Although protein usually takes longer to digest than other diets, if you want a reliable weight loss plan, it’s essential to eat more protein (plant based-proteins) to help improve your metabolism. The good thing about consuming plant protein is that it takes more time to digest; because of the fiber. Hence the more your body metabolizes the plant proteins in your system, the better your body will be at burning the unhealthy extra fat you want to get rid of. Plant-based protein powder functions in multiple ways to the benefit of your body when you want to lose weight. You will have your protein and fiber in one serving.

“As I improved my diet, I started to learn to love my self, probably for the first time ever.” -Frank Ferrante


Healthy Fats

This may easily be the most important reason to consume plant protein. Plant protein usually contains some saturated fats, which is nothing to be worried about. We all need some form of fats in our diet to enable our digestive system to absorb certain vitamins as well as to perform other essential functions. You can find certain fats, like saturated fats in coconut which can even help your weight loss agenda. The fat contained in coconut has been described as the important fat for weight loss and has been found to help in weight loss. Plant protein powders prepared with coconut protein contain the healthy saturated fats we are talking about here.


“It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.” – Roy E. Disney


Balancing Your PH Levels

The natural pH levels of the body can be balanced by plant-based protein powder. While other protein sources such as meat and carbohydrates are more acidic and cause the pH levels to rise, plant based-proteins will balance things. In a bid to cope with the change, the body takes minerals from the bones and other places, to distribute them accordingly. Plant-based protein powder can help to fight the acidity in our diet. Plant proteins have high amounts of chlorophyll which provide the exact alkalinity with the body needs.


Plant Based-Proteins Are Allergy Free

Plant-based protein powder may be a good pick for people who suffer an allergy to protein. It can be an excellent choice for individuals with gluten allergies. Plant protein powder is gluten-free and hypoallergenic. It will benefit you greatly if you don’t have any particular allergy to any of the ingredients in plant-based proteins. The protein powder is a beneficial choice for people with major allergy concerns. Accomplishing your workout and weight loss plans is within reach even though you have protein allergies with plant proteins.

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