Chia Pudding by Marianna Rose

Author: Marianna Rose  Date Posted:1 October 2018 

Chia Pudding by Marianna Rose

It amazes me how different my day is when I put the right nutrients in my body for breakfast. ? Fresh fruit makes me feel alive, alert and full of energy. We are what we eat, and I wanna be bright and radiant like this lil’ bowl of fun! ☀️?

Hemp protein chia pudding – the easiest thing ever. One scoop vanilla cinnamon protein powder (click here to buy) from @royalhemp_au, half a cup of chia seeds and a cup of almond milk ? add your fave fruits and a drizzle of hemp oil (click here to buy) to boost your omega 3 & 6 ? winning at life!

Mermaid latte with astragalus and maca ??‍♀️

What more could a gal want in life? Oh yeah…freeze dried choc covered strawberries. @scoopwholefoods you’ve made my day ???

Complimentary Breakfast Music