Untold Shocking Benefits of Vegan Protein Supplements in Australia

Author: Royal Hemp  Date Posted:20 May 2023 

Increasing your protein intake can help you build muscle and bulk up. Animal meat is usually the best source of protein, but not everyone can eat that due to dietary restrictions, food allergies, health issues, or personal preferences. The good news is there are vegan protein supplements that may be better alternatives to animal protein. Plant-based protein supplements typically contain grains, beans, seeds, or nuts to feed your body the protein it needs to develop muscle and increase strength and energy.


That said, vegan protein powders are not just for vegetarians or vegans. Incorporating them into your routine can provide plenty of benefits. Keep reading to discover what they are.


For a healthier gut


Switching up different proteins can support your gut health. So even if you’re eating meat, it’s a good idea to consume vegan protein supplements as alternatives to reduce food sensitivities and negative reactions. Many of these supplements are also fibre-rich, like hemp protein powder. So, it also improves digestion.


Avoid bloating and indigestion.


Many people experience an upset stomach when taking protein supplements, but this problem can be resolved with vegan or plant-based versions. That’s because it’s easier for the body to process and absorb vegan protein compared to whey protein. Additionally, if you are lactose intolerant or allergic to nuts or soy, regular whey protein may cause indigestion and bloating. You don’t have to worry about that with vegan protein supplements.


Support your diet


Many plant-based protein powders, including hemp, are packed with lots of fibre, which can keep you full much longer. So, you can reduce sugar cravings and unnecessary snacking that can disrupt your clean eating habits.


Boosts your metabolism


Vegan protein takes longer to digest than animal-based proteins and regular carbs and fats. This can benefit your metabolism, allowing you to lose or maintain weight.


They have all the good stuff, too!


High-quality vegan protein supplements, like hemp protein powder, contain vitamins E and D, branched-chain amino acids, and essential amino acids. Hemp is also high in magnesium to support your body’s enzymatic functions.


Try a vegan protein supplement today.


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